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603 2164 5303

Saturna Sdn. Bhd.
Suite 5-03, 5th Floor, Menara Atlan
161B, Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur

Fax: 603 2164 5308


Saturna Capital Headquarters
1300 N. State St.
Bellingham, WA 98225
Ph: +1-360-734-9900
Fx: +1-360-734-0755

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Core Values

We are...

  • Top-quality professionals who
    • Seek to deliver superior performance to our investors
    • Intelligent with the highest integrity
    • Value accountability, transparency, ingenuity, experience, and persistence
  • Uncompromisingly loyal to clients
    • Providing high-value services at low cost
    • Always doing what is best for the client
    • Seeking trust, guarding assets, and respecting privacy
    • Preventing conflicts of interest
  • Risk managers
    • Making investments only when expected returns outweigh risks
    • Preparing for the unforeseen through planning, earnings and capital
    • Acting with discipline, limiting leverage
    • Insisting on professionalism and respect through leadership, supervision, and compliance
    • Protecting our reputation
    • Building operations internally, preferring in-house over outsourcing
  • Integrated business operators
    • Standardized on efficient, simple, coherent technologies
    • Unifying our business through enterprise systems
    • Seeking competitive advantages
  • Educators for our
    • Investors through websites, publications, reports, articles, lectures, seminars
    • Employees with information and data, education and training, conferences and meetings
    • Communities by improving local schools, colleges, and educational systems
    • Industry and fellow citizens by actively participating
  • Prudent entrepreneurs
    • Building partnership culture through employee ownership and shared successes
    • Compensated only by salary, benefits, equity, and bonus-not commission
    • Creating new financial solutions for our clients and diversify our markets
    • Adapting and evolving, while respecting history and tradition
  • Community contributors
    • Paying hefty taxes on profits, revenues, property, and compensation
    • Supporting worthy charities
    • Promoting philanthropy